Salon Life During a Pandemic

Salon Life During a Pandemic's Image

Monday 23rd March 2020 our doors closed for an undetermined amount of time. No one could have ever seen this coming, least of all me. Suddenly an uncertain future lay ahead. But as is a common trait amongst most business owners, we pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off. We used our free time productively, planning and preparing for the day we were allowed to reopen. Working from all too vague guidelines, we set to cleaning, redecorating, rearranging, all with the purpose of making a safer environment for us and our clients.


After a few roller-coaster months we finally got the news that we had all been waiting for, we were allowed to reopen the salon! Despite the vast array of rules, restrictions and regulations, we donned our uniforms and visors. Returning to work and welcoming you back … to a strange, but safe environment.


To say times are different now is an understatement, we work on a one in one out per therapist basis, allowing cleaning time between clients to wipe all surfaces and sanitise equipment. Couches are stripped back and towels are washed after even the briefest of visits. Individual nail file packs are created for every client to avoid cross contamination and these are sanitised and stored for future visits. Clients are masked up and wash hands on arrival, our cotton towels are replaced with paper and all items of a porous nature are one time use only. We clean and spray and sanitise our days away! We have quickly adapted to our new working environment and have soon become accustomed to working with layers of face coverings revealing only our smiling eyes. We are living in a time where a mere cough can clear a room like a bad smell and just standing too close to someone is looked upon with distaste. 


Despite all this, we continue to work hard for you, providing you with an escape from your daily drudge in this crazy world we live in. Keeping you safe, keeping you sane.


…. And we thank you all for your support.